Ep138: Touchdown! This NFL Team Shows Nonprofits How to Score with Donors

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Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Julie Hirshey, Director of Community Relations for the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, about the Eagles Care Program and their capacity building efforts for nonprofits in the Greater Philadelphia area.  

Megan, Julie and Joe discuss:

eagles care
  • Why the Eagles decided to focus on nonprofit capacity building instead of just "sending out football players to do stuff."
  • How the Eagles go deep with five nonprofits to make a profound difference.
  • How the Eagles are tearing down the walls between nonprofits and - in one case - actually building one!
  • How the Eagles work with other companies to support their nonprofit partners.
  • How the Eagles created the Eagles Care Summit to educate 70 nonprofits on everything from networking to pitching editors to social media.
  • Julie shares her advice for working with the NFL team in your community.

Show Notes

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