CauseTalk Radio Ep67: Nonprofit Stomps Out Bullying with Cause Marketing

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Ross Ellis, Founder & President of STOMP Out Bullying, on how her nonprofit is using cause marketing to raise awareness and money to beat the crap out of bullying.

Ross shares how bullying went from a taboo topic to a cause marketing darling and how her organization is dealing with all the attention. We also discuss some of STOMP's recent campaigns with jcpenney and Bon-Ton, and how the organization is gearing up for World Day of Bullying Prevention on October 7th.

Finally, I ask Ross to weigh in on a serious issue. Is Megan bullying me? How should I deal with it? Listen in as I get some advice on how to deal with my abusive co-host!

Tune in for some fun and some great cause marketing lessons.