Sharna Without A Cause

242Ever since Sharna Fulton was a little girl she's wanted to create greeting cards. Forty years later her dream is finally coming true.

Sharna left her job as an advertising copywriter in 1993 so she could launch a pottery business, The Sharna Shop and Sports Pottery, which is how I met her.

From her studio outside Athens, Georgia, Sharna makes custom mugs, ornaments and plates for marathoners and other athletes. She made me a beautiful ornament for my wife who ran the 2006 Chicago Marathon.

Sports Pottery has been a great business for Sharna. But at 46 she's ready to focus on her childhood dream, and has officially launched Chloe Pink. Chloe is an all-American French girl who with her furry pal Pete is starring in her own greeting card line.

According to Sharna, "Chloe is a strong female character in that she isn't afraid to try new things--from running a 5K to making creme brulee. Through Chloe, I hope to get across how important self-esteem and support for each other as women is. Whether you are 15 or 75, it is important that you love yourself and all the little things that make you 'you.'"

It's a spirit Sharna hopes to share with organizations that promote the health and well-being of girls of all ages. In exchange for sharing Chloe Pink's message of confidence, curiosity and independence, the nonprofit will receive a portion of sales from each card sold.

This is a perfect partnership if you're active with a local nonprofit and want to launch a new, fun initiative to raise money and awareness. And it's a challenge you won't have to face alone. You'll have your new friends: Sharna, Chloe and, of course, Pete.