Kid Watch

15684_dtMy daughter Cate needs a few things before she heads back to school after Labor Day.

A watch. So she's never late for class.

A stopwatch. So she can countdown the minutes until recess.

A compass. So she can stay on course.

An alarm. So she's home on time for dinner.

A light. Just in case she isn't.

A conscience. So she'll grow up to be someone I'm proud of.

Fortunately, finishing my back-to-school shopping is just a few clicks away thanks to New Hampshire-based Garnet Hill and their Signature Trek Watch.

It has everything Cate needs: clock, stopwatch, alarm, compass and light. She can clip it onto a backpack or belt loop and it comes in four stylish colors. It sells for just $15.

Best of all, when you buy the Signature Trek Watch, Garnet Hill will donate 100% of the purchase value (up to $50,000 in merchandise) to K.I.D.S., which stands for Kids In Distressed Situations.

K.I.D.S. distributes new donated items like clothes, shoes, toys and books to children in need. Last year alone, K.I.D.S. distributed $42 million in new merchandise around the globe.

There's a disclaimer on the Trek Watch that it's not intended for climbing gear. Maybe so. But it might just be the thing Cate needs to reach new heights.