Sex Sells...Philanthropy

Kate20moss20lesbian20kiss783434Okay, I'm back.  Had a change of heart.  Hey, I missed it.

New plan.  A blog on sex and philanthropy.  Sex has been horribly underused for charitable giving.  It could revolutionize the industry.  And I'd be the person who fired the shot heard around the world.  Wow.

I'll start by renaming my blog  I have to get my designer cracking on the new masthead.

But I don't want to wait for that.  Let's get started (cue the music).

Looking to make $108,000 at your next charity auction?  Convince a supermodel, like hottie-addict Cate Moss, to donate a one-minute lesbian kiss.  This would be a great live or silent auction item.  It's sure to generate some buzz at any run-of-the-mill rubber-chicken fundraiser.  Think about what this could do for your next Kiwanis gala!  Try it today!

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