I Quit

Today's my last day blogging at Selfishgiving.com.  It's been fun.  It really has.  But I really must go.  Adieu.

Oh, I'm not giving up blogging.  On the contrary, I plan to blog more than ever.  But on a different topic: sex, specifically pornography.  Don't get me wrong, I love writing about cause marketing.  But I've decided to close shop so I can pursue what every blogger really wants, traffic.  Yep, readers.  And if the response to my post on "Cause Marketing Porn" is a sign of things to come, I've struck pay dirt.  I had more posts written about me and more visitors to my blog than ever before.  Sex sells and I plan to peddle it.

And, please, don't even go there. 

Joe, it wasn't because of sex that we read and wrote about your post.  Your post was clever and witty.  Besides, you weren't really blogging about sex.  You were projecting your adolescent feelings toward your overbearing mother.  You have a wounded inner child.  I know someone.  Go see him.  You'll feel better.

I have a one word response: bullshit.  Make that two.  Bullshit.  Goodbye.  The brave new world I live in isn't selfish, it's bootylicious.

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