Store Manager Shares Key to Cause Marketing Success

Did you get that? It's all about the ask at the register. The more people your cashiers ask, the more pinups you'll sell, the more money you'll raise. It seems simple, but motivating cashiers to ask everyone they meet can be challenging. We cover it at length in the Six Figure Cause Marketing program.

A great team and asking every customer to support the cause is how this iParty store in Quincy, Massachusetts raised more money than any other ($2,800 to be exact). This year's campaign, which also included restaurants from Fuddruckers New England, raised $42,500, almost 20 percent more than last year!

Thanks to our roving reporter on our team, Joanna MacDonald, for swinging by iParty on her way home from work. It wasn't a wasted trip, as she needed to replenish the the office's supply of whoopie cushions and wax mustaches!