Blogging on Cause Marketing is Easy with Posterous


One thing I frequently lament about the cause marketing field is that there just aren't enough practitioners blogging about their work.

After, and the Cone Blog, the pickings get pretty slim. (Although folks like Steve Drake, Olivia Khalili, Scotty Henderson, Brian Powell, Noland Hoshino and Mike Swenson are certainly great contributors.)

Part of the reason I think people don't blog is that no matter how easy it is to start and update a blog, a lot of people still see it as a lot of work.

But I'm here today to tell you that not only is not hard to start and publish your own blog, it's downright easy. And for that I think we all owe a debt of thanks to the blogging platform Posterous, which launched in July 2008.

Behind the times as I am, I only discovered it recently when I was looking for a quick way to get a personal blog up and running for things that were happening in my life outside of cause marketing (e.g. gardening, my wife's burgeoning pastry career, and, oh, cause marketing). I've been truly impressed, and, if I hadn't gone through all the time and expense of setting up my Selfish Giving blog on Wordpress, I would be posting on a Posterous platform today.

I liked Posterous so much I used it as the platform to launch the blog for my nonprofit and have continued to be impressed.

Here's how Posterous makes it easier for you to join the ranks of cause marketing bloggers.

Email posts right from your inbox. Nothing to log into or learn. Just write your post and email it to Have an image you want to include? No problem. Just copy it into your email or attach the image. Posterous will post that too.

You're not limited to text. You can email Posterous pictures, video, audio. Check out my nonprofit's blog as I've been experimenting with different media. You know which one I love? To post a video from Youtube (or a whole set of pictures from Flickr) to Posterous I just need to email them the URL and they do the rest.

This is great news because you're not limited to text! You can talk about cause marketing any way you want and Posterous makes it easy to share it with the world.

Owning an iPhone makes it even easier to use Posterous. I installed the PicPosterous app on my iPhone so I can easily capture photos and video and upload them to my blog. Like me, you'll start to see cause marketing everywhere and you'll have an easy tool to contribute to the conversation.

When you post to Posterous you post to everything. The autoposting feature on Posterous automatically pings Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Delicious, Flickr and a host of other sites. I enjoy posting to Posterous and do it more and more because it's not another site to update. It is the site that updates all the other sites you're on. This is a real time saver.

So, tell me again: why aren't you blogging about cause marketing?