Online Cause Marketing:

This week has been all about doing cause marketing right (Ok, and staying out of court), and I'm thrilled to share with you what another Six Figure Cause Marketing graduate, Julie Nations, has created.

The Ellie Fund right here in Massachusetts has created an online cause marketing program called

The concept is simple: donate $5 and you get coupons worth at least $15 to eight local businesses. The program runs through November 30th.

And your donation couldn't support a better organization. The Ellie Fund makes life easier and better for cancer patients because it helps with the little but important things: transportation, childcare, housekeeping, groceries and meals, all at no cost.

Julie has made supporting G5G15 as easy as buying a pinup in a store. I went to the site and donated my $5. In return I got a special code that gave me access to my coupons. It was that simple. It was so easy I bought three and gave two to friends. is a great idea, but how does The Ellie Fund plan to attract donors to the site? After all, this is one cause marketing program that doesn't have built-in retail foot traffic. Julie has a plan. All 6FCM grads do!

  • All eight retailers are actively promoting the campaign. They have newsletters, dedicated e-blasts, web site banners, plus all their social media tools. The brick and mortar stores have signage and are encouraging employees to talk to customers about the effort.
  • The lead sponsor Lyn Evans/Potpourri boutiques is taking charge. In addition to having in-store coupon books they have signage and 5000 bag stuffers. Each location is selling 100 as fast as possible, with prizes for the most successful store teams.
  • Grass roots event marketing at its best. The Ellie Fund has 10 October events at which to promote G5G15.  Bag stuffers will accompany attendees home and hopefully on to their computers!
  • A Google Grant will spread the word online. The Ellie Fund is a recent recipient, and they plan to use their grant to promote the program.
  • Lots of other things are planned. is giving them any remainder web ad space they have between now and the end of November. Baystate Parents magazine is putting them on the back cover for October. Exhale magazine has given them a quarter page ad. Julie will even be guest blogging on

Congratulations on getting this program started, Julie. I know it will be a big success for The Ellie Fund!