Sick of Pink? Here's A Cause Marketing Program to Love

I got a lot of comments--both online and off--about the Sweaters for Seniors cause marketing program that I posted on Friday. People loved it. It was just such a wonderful idea, especially in this month of  "pink" when it seems the seediest cause marketing initiatives take root.

Yesterday on Twitter it was hard lemonades to benefit breast cancer research. Classy.

But the Sweaters for Seniors program is about kids donating sweaters to seniors and making their very own pinups to sell for a buck to support local senior services.

The company side of this cause marketing effort is Alternative Home Care for Seniors of Atlanta, which plans to match every donation up to $1,000.

This is how local cause marketing can and should work, folks. The news story that my friend and fellow cause marketer, Sharna Fulton, shared with me just yesterday.

For those of you who talked of trying this program in your area, the story captures all the great parts of this initiative and highlights the positive PR good cause marketing can generate.

Helping folks in need. Raising money. Generating visibility for a cause. Engaging the community. Conducting yourself with class and honor. What more could you ask from a cause marketing program?