CauseTalk Radio Ep96: Employee Engagement is Hot! How Not to Get Burned

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Mark Feldman, Founder & Managing Director of Boston-based Cause Consulting, about the potential hazards and potholes of employee engagement.

Employee engagement is one of the hottest forms of cause marketing, but how can companies and nonprofits feed the fire without getting burned?

The key, according to Mark, is knowing how employee engagement is different from the volunteer programs that preceded it. The first pothole to avoid is thinking that employee engagement is just a fancy word for volunteering.

Mark uses the example of Brewing the American Dream, a Boston Beer Company initiative that provides low and moderate income food and beverage small business owners with the mentoring they need to achieve their dreams.

With employee engagement, Boston Beer has helped new business owners succeed while strengthening its own business. Boston Beer CEO Jim Koch has seen firsthand the value of involving employees in a meaningful cause. You will too!

Tune in now!