Ep144: Carol Cone on What's Next for Her, Cause Marketing & Purpose

carol cone on purpose

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Carol Cone (aka The Mother of Cause Marketing) about her new venture Carol Cone on Purpose!

Carol has been a cause leader for decades and is set to disrupt the field once again with a new venture that combines partner collaboration with idea acceleration to take the field of purpose to new heights. 

On the show, Carol, Megan and I discuss:

  • The growth of purpose and Carol's launch of what she calls Carol Cone 4.0!
  • Carol Cone on Purpose has two purpose engines: The Purpose Collaborative and The Idea Accelerator.
  • How Carol is adopting the "Hollywood Model" to run her business. She also names some of the "Stars" she's working with.
  • Is the big agency model for purpose broken? How can it be fixed?
  • How The Idea Accelerator is aimed at finding, curating, sharing and funding the very best social enterprises.
  • How Carol plans to continue contributing to the cause, sustainability and purpose community.

Show Notes

Carol's New Site: The Purpose Collaborative

Carol on Twitter

What Carol Cone Means to Me

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Book Review: Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding (Carol Cone's last book with Jocelyne Daw)