5 Ideas to Take Your Social Impact Program Further, Faster [SPONSORED]

Is your program or partnership in need of a refresh, or a new, innovative idea to take your impact to the next level?

Whether you are a company or a nonprofit, we can all use an infusion of new strategic ideas to drive greater awareness and engagement for social impact efforts. With the launch of Cause Booster, Selfish Giving’s and Rocket Social Impact’s new offering to create fresh, action or revenue-driving concepts for clients on a tight budget or timeline, we’re sharing five ways to give your program a boost!

Use Social Media Influencers

Traditional celebrities get lots of attention, for sure, but they also can cost a lot. And what’s more, as our culture continues to shift and people move from spending their time with traditional media to social media, today’s trendsetters have molded into more relatable “influencers.”

Companies and nonprofits are increasingly partnering with social media influencers to develop cost-efficient, yet highly effective campaigns to raise attention and dollars for an issue. But does it work? 51% of people rely on influencers to make purchasing decisions. Think of influencers as Miracle-Gro for your marketing and cause campaigns.  


Cool Example: Heineken hired influencer Ben Brown to visit and learn about its new 100% carbon free brewery in Austria. His two vlogs reached over 100,000 people and helped Heineken better understand how to engage and communicate with millennials about their sustainability efforts.

More Rewards

Social impact initiatives are taking cues from loyalty programs and beginning to generate serious rewards for consumers and employees through creative workplace giving and volunteerism programs. Rewards can include special offers, online badges, emojis and exclusive content. Add it your existing advocacy, cause marketing or workplace giving campaign to add more interest, fun and engagement.


Cool Example: Dunkin’s over 10 million loyalty program customers can gain “Perk Points” when they make donation to Joy in Childhood Foundation.

Embrace New Social Media Platforms

While Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are the main platforms for causes, some adventurous brands are using other social platforms including Tik-Tok, (now over 500M users strong!,) Tinder and Snapchat to get their program in front of new eyeballs. Incorporating engagement through new social media channels can be a clever and cost-efficient ways to get attention from hyper-targeted audiences.


Cool Example: Tik-Tok and ASPCA promotion on National Dog Day. Tik-Tok donated $75,000 for every video with the #PetBFF hashtag.

Virtual Reality

It’s here and shaping the future of technology as we speak, and despite what many think, it can be done without breaking the bank. VR can take your storytelling to new heights.


Cool Example: charity: water raised $2.7M by creating a VR video to take donors on a virtual trip to a small village in Ethiopia.


Gaming is a global phenomenon creating new, cost-effective fundraising opportunities that appeal to younger donors, especially Millennials and Gen Z. In fact, according to recent data from Whistle Sports, a whopping 68% of Gen Z males say that gaming is a prevalent part of their identity. Gaming is raising significant awareness and dollars for causes and allowing innovative brands and causes an opportunity to engage this influential audience more than ever before.

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Cool Example: A recent partnership between Overwatch and Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

  • Players purchased Pink Mercy skin from Blizzard Entertainment for $15 to dress normally white and orange clad healer in all-pink outfit.

  • Pink Mercy themed T-shirt designed by artist VICKISINGH sold for $15.

  • $12.7 million raised from skin and shirts last May.

  • $130,000 additional raised by Twitch viewers watching 14 different Overwatch streamers during the fundraising period.

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