The Key to Cause Marketing Success...are Emojis???


Source: Business2Community

I know what you must be thinking: Joe has finally gone nuts. 🤪 The cheese has finally slipped off the cracker. 

But hear me out before you call the guys with the van and white jackets. 🚑

1. I've talked before about why content, especially email marketing, should be part of every cause marketing team's outreach efforts.

2. Email marketing is the best way to communicate with and to cultivate your prospects. Everyone reads their email. It's one-to-one. You own the list. No algorithm hiccups or pay-for-play like on Facebook. Shall I go on? 😬

3. But email does you absolutely no good if people don't open your emails and read them.

That's where emojis can help. 56% of brands using emoji in their email subject lines saw a higher unique open rate. I can speak from experience on this. I've seen a higher open rate in my newsletter when I use emojis.

1. People like emojis. They're fun, and they do a nice job communicating the theme or tone of an email.

2. Younger people basically speak with emojis. Not only will you better understand the texts from your kids, but you might just connect better to the increasingly younger person reading your emails.

3. Emojis get noticed in a sea of emails and that's exactly why you should include them in your subject line.

One thing I've learned about emojis is you should test them before including them in an email subject line. So before I send out my newsletter, I send a test version to myself to see how it will show up on my phone and laptop. 

As this writer points out: "Emojis use a Unicode character, which is interpreted differently by different operating systems." In short, you want to check to see how your emoji shows up on different operation systems. Here's a handy graph.


As a latecomer to the Emoji craze, one of the biggest challenges I have is picking the right emoji for my email subject lines. So I try to keep it simple.


You don't want to risk communicating the wrong message to people.

An emoji that has stirred debate in my house is the upside-down smile. 🙃 I've always used it to convey a bit of silliness. But my two teens tell me it means you're outwardly saying your happy for someone when you're actually not. My daughter went so far as to say it's kind of, well, mean.

Whoa! That's not what I want to say!

So use emojis carefully. You don't want to get one of these. 🤬


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