This App is Fighting Food Waste & Giving Back to a Great Cause


"One in six people in the United States reportedly struggle with hunger, and yet, at the same time, up to 40 percent of all the food produced in the U.S. isn’t eaten."

Source: Metro

I hate wasting food. Ask my kids. It drives me nuts. And it drives them crazy because I'm always yelling at them about it. 😀

That's why I'm excited about a new app called Food for All. I'm doubly excited that it was developed right here in Boston!

Here's how it works.

At the end of the night restaurants throw out most of their food. A huge waste, right? Because it's perfectly good food. But using the Food for All app, customers can buy this food at the end of the day at a discount of 50% or more. Currently, the app is actively working with 60 restaurants in Boston and New York.

What a great idea!

But beginning this week, the gang at Food for All is stepping up their giving here in Boston by partnering with burrito chain Boloco and the Greater Boston Food Bank. When consumers use the app to "save a meal" at Boloco for $4.50, $3.50 of this goes to the food bank (which is a generous donation!)

Since the food bank can provide three meals with every dollar it gets, every meal you buy will in turn buy  ten meals for someone else! How great is that!?

Here's the best part: this is a permanent campaign between Food for All, Boloco and the Greater Boston Food Bank. 

Screenshot 2017-12-07 11.20.01.png

Hmmm....if you're a nonprofit in Boston or New York with a restaurant partner maybe Food For All would donate their fee to you for a week or two if you landed them a new business partnership!


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