The Godfather of Cause Asks: Where Do I Get The Latest Cause News & Information?

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.50.24 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 10.50.24 PM

I got a tweet the other day that made me think of a scene from The Godfather when Vito Corleone calls in a favor from the undertaker. With his dead son, Sonny, on a stretcher beside him, The Godfather makes his request:

"I want you to use all your powers -- and all your skills. I don't want his mother to see him this way..."

Last week, I too was asked to help "The Godfather." You see, Phil McCarty is The Godfather of Cause Marketing. He was one of the leading strategists behind St. Jude Children's Hospital Thanks and Giving cause marketing program. It's really no big deal. JUST A $60 MILLION FUNDRAISER (and that was just in 2012!).

Now, Phil consults to a whole slew of nonprofit and for-profit clients. Yeah, that's why I call him The Godfather. So, when Phil tweeted last week looking for something, I answered! And The Godfather asked me share it with you!

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.11.49 PM
Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 8.11.49 PM

I actually get this question a lot, and have answered it on the blog once or twice. But it comes at a good time because I'm finishing a new and book and am pressed for time myself. I've had to streamline my own reading.

I'm not sure there's a "one-step shop," as Phil requests. Sorry, Godfather. But I know when I'm busy I may only get to one, instead of the two or three stops I'll visit for news and information on days when I have more time.

Here's where I would go first.

1. I use Tweetdeck but you can use Hootsuite, Twitter Search, etc. I have two open searches. The first is on "Cause Marketing." The second is for the hashtag #causemarketing. You can pick up 90 percent of the cause marketing news from those two columns. If you can only do one thing every day, do this. When I find something I want to keep, I favorite it.

What I really like about Twitter search is that I don't have to worry about following this person or that person. If they mention cause marketing I'll find them. Of course, this is a great way to find Twitter followers!

2. On Fridays I get the Cone newsletter Prove Your Purpose. It's excellent. I read it top to bottom. What I don't find from my Twitter search I find here.

3. Daily I scan the 3BL CSR News for cause marketing info.

Of course, I pick up random tips and info everywhere. Once a month, my friends at For Momentum puts out a good newsletter, as does the Cause Marketing Forum. I'm finding more campaigns on Pinterest, and now, with hashtags I hope Facebook too.

This strategy works for me. And it will work for you too. I would never disappoint The Godfather.