CauseTalk Radio Ep05: Homeless Hotspots Roam SXSW, Austin for Money. Is it Right?

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk with Chris Noble, CEO of Cause Media Group, and Mark Horvarth, Founder of InvisiblePeople.TV. We discuss the uproar at this year's SXSW over one agency's deployment of the homeless as human wifi for the technology laden hordes that descended on Austin.

Chris Noble also shares the status of other cause ventures at SXSW and whether nonprofits should book their trips now to next year's gathering.



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New York Times: Use of Homeless as Internet Hot Spots Backfires on Marketer

Huffington Post: 'Homeless Wi-Fi Hotspots' At SXSW: The Real Story (VIDEO) [By Mark Horvarth, InvisiblePeople.TV]