Cause Marketing Success Story: Jake's Ride


Back in September, I introduced you to my friend Beth Pfiel (@readerbean) and her nonprofit The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation.

Beth had asked for my help creating their first cause marketing campaign, a pinup program with Garden of Eden, a grocer and specialty food store with five locations in New York and one in New Jersey .

Beth had a busy fourth quarter, but we recently had a chance to catch up about the results of the program.

  • With just six small grocery stores participating Beth raised over $6,000. Her best store raised $1,700.
  • In addition to being the top pinup seller, the South Orange, NJ store did a great job promoting Jake's Ride, which raised $204,000.

Overall, Beth felt that pinups were a great way to raise additional revenue and to educate Garden of Eden employees and shoppers about Bachmann-Strauss.

Beth stressed that it's important to get store managers committed to the cause as they are the ones who ensure employees are selling the pinups at the register.

Beth's already looking forward to next year's event! She's hoping to raise more money with her friends at Garden of Eden. But she's not stopping there. She wants to build on her success and recruit other retailers to support Jake's Ride and take advantage of the busy cross-promotion a grocer partner offers.

Beth realizes that successful cause marketing is largely a numbers game. If she raised $6,000 with six stores, she could raise more money with 20 stores, 50 stores, 150, etc.

Good luck, Beth!

Are you planning a pinup program for your nonprofit? My work with Bachmann-Strauss and Beth became the basis for my Six Figure Cause Marketing program. I hope you’ll check it out!