CauseTalk Radio Ep62: Youth-Focused Agency Helps Marketers Woo Millennials

In this episode of CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Aria Finger, COO of millennial-focused nonprofit and President of TMI, a new youth-focused agency.

Aria debunks myths about millennials and explains why the data scientists that explore their preferences, habits and beliefs are the rockstars of her organization.

We discuss how effectively uses humor to engage millennials and why listening to your audience is always (ALWAYS!) the key to your success.

Tune in now to learn about marketing to millennials, and find out why 250,000 of them signed up to use 'thumb condoms' to stop texting while driving!

CauseTalk Radio Ep43: Nonprofit Tech Honcho Talks Big Data for Causes

This week on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to George Weiner, founder of Whole Whale and former CTO of, about technology and data for nonprofits.

George was part of a WICKED SMAHT team of people at that developed some of the most innovative marketing and fundraising programs in the industry.

Now he's the leading the charge in a new business that is sure to bring further disruption to the industry - in a very good way.

Tune in now!

Be sure to join George at the Cause Marketing Forum's webinar series on February 26th where he'll present on Do's and Don'ts of YouTube Cause Marketing Promotion.