Got Two Minutes? It Will Make You a Better Speaker

Recently I spoke to a group of federal workers who are on loan to the Combined Federal Campaign, which was created by President Kennedy in 1961 and just last year raised close to $300 million. The main role of these loan execs is to visit federal offices to motivate employees to signup for CFC payroll deduction.

I've been teaching this group public speaking skills for at least a decade. Every year my presentation is a little different, but I always teach them Analyze, Organize, Energize, the foundation for every good speech.

But in this year's presentation I wanted to impart to them the secret ingredient of great public speaking. Ironically, truly great speaking is a height probably beyond them or me. But armed with the right recipe just perhaps one day they'll mix the perfect batter that will rise beyond their wildest expectations.

It was with that hope that I showed them 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes. While there are a few speeches here that just make you laugh--not a bad thing in any speech--the rest collectively share the essense of every great speech: Passion.

It speaks to every audience. It needs no introduction. No impression is more lasting. And nothing brings out the storyteller in each of us more.

Want to be a better speaker? Be passionate.