Super Bowl Cause Marketing: Four Nonprofits Have Already Scored!


Below is a post I wrote after the 2013 Super Bowl. I can't remember who played whom, but I do remember the cause marketing! These were my three favorite cause promotions. But you can check out all the cause-related ads from last year's Super Bowl here.

Also, yesterday on the Inspiring Generosity blog I wrote a post on two new cause marketing programs for this Sunday's Super Bowl. The first is a partnership between Bank of America and Product Red. The second is between DHL and Pizzas 4 Patriots.

I'm on the hunt for other examples of Super Bowl cause marketing! I've been adding them to my Cause Marketing - Super Bowl Pinterest board. Yesterday, after my Razoo post went live, I added two more more pins.

Ride for Super Bowl XLVIII, to benefit the Snowflake Youth Foundation and NFL PLAY 60

19th Annual Rebuilding Together Kickoff to Rebuild

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3 Cause-Related Super Bowl Ads That Made My Spine Tingle

On Sunday night I was busy pinning cause-related Super Bowl ads on this Pinterest board. There were three cause-related ads in particular that got my attention and sent shivers down my spine (like a good commercial should!).

Jeep & USO Team Up for "Whole Again"

The best ad of Super Bowl night was Whole Again in support of our troops. While the ad didn’t specifically mention the USO, a nonprofit organization that provides programs, services and live entertainment to the troops and their families, its logo appeared next to Jeep’s at the end. The ad is part of Jeep’s Operation SAFE Return program, which is a four point effort to support the troops.

Why it made my spine tingle: This ad had me at hello. And it wasn't Oprah's voice that got my attention. It was the music, which is from one of my favorite shows, HBO's Band of Brothers. If you recognized the music, I bet it stirred up all sorts of thoughts of bravery, dedication and sacrifice for you too. This ad didn't have a transactional component to it (e. g. Jeep will donate a dollar for every time this video is viewed on Youtube), but it didn't need it. The feeling and emotion the ad conveyed was priceless.

Ram Trucks Supports FFA with Paul Harvey, "Farmer"

Why it made my spine tingle: I had never cared for the sound of Paul Harvey's voice before I heard this ad. But it had just the right rhythm and tone for the gripping pictures and story in this ad. As a kid who grew up in the city, Ram Trucks and Paul Harvey told me a great story about the America's farmers.

NFL Players & Coaches stand together to cure ALS

Why it made my spine tingle: For me, this 68 second PSA, which wasn't shown on TV but rather on the jumbotron at the Super Bowl before the start of the game (Hat tip to Nonprofit Quarterly for catching this one), got interesting at the 48 second mark. Check it out and let me know if you agree!

Which cause-related ad made your spine tingle?