Nonprofits: What's Your Super Bowl Social Media Strategy?


I'm writing this on my couch while I'm watching an old episode of The Big Bang Theory. I have my Macbook Pro on my lap and my iPhone is few inches away on the armrest. I reach for it when I don't feel like looking something up on my laptop, or if I get a phone call or a text.

Now, fast forward to Sunday evening. What am I doing? Pretty much the same thing. I'm watching Super Bowl XLVIII with my family, maybe a couple of friends, and my portable devices.

I'll be in good company. This study says that 41 percent of the people watching the Super Bowl plan to use mobile apps during the game. This means social media, weather and gaming apps.

So if people plan to be busy with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, there's an opportunity for nonprofits to cause-jack the Super Bowl and engage supporters. But this isn't the time for nonprofits to post pictures from their 2010 dinner gala. The posts have to be relevant, interesting and useful to supporters. They also have to be tailored for distracted viewers who are watching the game, laughing at ads and refilling the dip bowl.

Here are some things nonprofits could do on Super Bowl Sunday.

  • A hospital could talk about all the different types of injuries they see in the emergency room, and how many of these could be treated at home - or avoided altogether!
  • A food pantry could talk about how fans can donate party leftovers - or buy extra for the pantry when they're out shopping.
  • A music-related nonprofit could chat with supporters about the half-time show and which performances were the best.
  • A nonprofit that helps animals could talk about the Puppy Bowl and the different breeds represented.
  • A veterans group could discuss the ways the NFL and advertisers are honoring the troops. Or they could share pictures of troops around the world watching the game.

The list goes on and on. The key is to engage supporters and build a stronger connection. This just doesn't happen during work hours Monday through Friday. For good or bad, social networks and mobile devices mean that your cause is portable and you're "on" 24/7.

This is one game you don't want to miss..