Ep249: Smoothie King Supports Challenged Athletes with 'Hydrate and Help' Spring Water


Today on CauseTalk Radio Megan and I talk to Jennifer Herskind, Chief Marketing Officer for Smoothie King, about a new partnership with Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with physical challenges lead active, healthy lifestyles.  

The 900-store chain will be donating $150,000 through a 25 cent donation to CAF with the sale of every newly-branded Hydrate and Help bottle of spring water. The new bottles just became available at stores the day after Christmas! 

On the show, Megan and I discuss:

Jennifer Herskind, Smoothie King

Jennifer Herskind, Smoothie King

  • Tell us a bit about Smoothie King - how many stores and in what parts of the country?
  • You’ve recently announced a partnership with Challenged Athletes Foundation - can you tell us how this partnership got started and a little bit about CAF?
  • Was this the first cause promotion Smoothie King has been involved with?
  • Did all franchise locations participate? Was it mandatory?
  • For the month of December, you sold “Hydrate and Help” bottled water with 25 cents from each bottle going to CAF - how did this promotion go?
  • How did you communicate the needs of CAF to your customers and employees?
  • How else did DCAF and your franchisees bring this partnership to life?
  • How did this campaign help build the Smoothie King business?
  • What did you learn from this partnership?
  • What challenges did you encounter?
  • What’s next for Smoothie King from a cause perspective in 2018?

Show Notes

Smoothie King


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