Is Your Nonprofit Ready for the Voice Revolution?


Source: Chief Content Officer

My son finally convinced me to buy a smart speaker for the house. We started small - literally - with the Google Home Mini.

Now, when I want to hear breaking news or listen to Christmas music or find out the year the War of 1812 began I just say, "Hey, Google..." Oh, joy.

Whether you are using a smart speaker at home or talking into your phone, voices searches are a real thing that organizations should be thinking about. 

1. Test voice search for your organization. Interestingly, results may vary depending on the device. The Google Home Mini I own, of course, pulls its results from Google. But Siri pulls from Bing data and Alexa pulls data from Bing and Amazon. Different devices may give different answers. What do Google, Siri and Alexa say about your organization?

2. When you're doing that testing, have a young person do it. They are much better at asking questions than older people are. Let's face it, they've had a lifetime of practice and will probably be the ones asking these devices the most questions.

3. The next page you should be creating for your website is a FAQ page. The easier you make it for search engines to find answers about your organization the better. To get started with question data about your organization, try Google Suggest, which you get before you hit enter on any Google search.  

Screenshot 2017-12-12 09.55.17.png

Are you ready for the voice revolution? (Or do you just feel like you are going in circles? 😃)


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