How I Keep Track of All The Content I Consume Every Day


A reader asked how I keep track of all the content I consume every day. I use a service called Pocket.  Pocket is great and it's FREE!

Whenever I come across something on my laptop or on my phone that I want to save, I just click on the bookmarklet and save it to Pocket.

Screenshot 2017-12-13 10.04.16.png

When I save something, Pocket gives me the option to tag the content. For example, if I read something that I want to write about during my 31-Day Cause Marketing Challenge, I tag it with "blog ideas." Then when I need something to write about I just click on the tag and pick a topic!

Another example is when I read something that might be useful to me down the road. Yesterday, I saw a detailed article from Sujan Patel on how he sold 40,000 copies of his ebook. Now, I'm not working on an ebook. But I may be in 2018 so I quickly saved it to Pocket and tagged it with "ebook" so I could easily find it if I ever needed advice on marketing an ebook.

Tagging things in Pocket allows you to create your internal search engine of content!

A few other things I like about Pocket.

  1. Even when I'm flying and have no internet reception, I can still read what I've saved in Pocket.
  2. I can email links from Gmail to I wish Pocket saved the whole email, but it only saves the link.
  3. When I'm reading articles in Pocket, I can share them with others through my social sharing app, Buffer
  4. I may save two dozen different pieces of content every day. If I save something I don't want to miss, I can star 🌟 it as a favorite.
  5. Pocket emails me articles of things I might want to read and save to my Pocket. They have some good recommendations. They also do a very good job weaving sponsored content in with their regular content.

Have you tried Pocket? What do you think of it? Would you recommend something else?


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