Ep188: New Ad Campaign Shows Mortal Combat Sick Kids Wage Against Illness, Disease

Today on CauseTalk Radio Megan and I talk to Lori Davison, Vice President of Brand Strategy & Communications, at SickKids Foundation about the foundation's new brand platform.

Titled SickKids VS The Greatest Challenges in Child Health, the platform shows the strength, the fierceness, the fight that’s very real at SickKids and shares it with those who have never stepped foot into the hospital. This isn't your typical hospital ad campaign!

On the show, Megan, Lori and I discuss:

Lori Davison, SickKids Foundation

Lori Davison, SickKids Foundation

  • The background of SickKids. They've been around for over 140 years in Toronto and they see over 100,000 children every year.
  • How the SickKids VS campaign got started and the goal to shift perceptions to reach new donors. "We needed to jolt the community."
  • How corporate and individual donors have responded to the campaign.
  • The "massive" lift in donations, especially from male Millennials, that the Foundation has seen since the ad's launch. 
  • How nonprofits can do a better job standing out in a cluttered, apathetic world.
  • How SickKids plans to use the new platform with its corporate partners.
  • Who developed the campaign? How long did it take to plan and execute?

Show Notes

SickKids Foundation

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