Ep189: Dunkin' Rebrands Foundation to Bring More "Joy In Childhood"

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Christine Riley Miller, Senior Director of Corporate Social Responsibility & Corporate Foundation for Dunkin' Brands, about the company's new, re-branded foundation, the Joy in Childhood Foundation. The goal of the foundation is right in the name: to provide the simple joys of childhood to sick and hungry kids.

On the show, Megan, Christine and I discuss:

Christine Riley Miller, Dunkin Brands

Christine Riley Miller, Dunkin Brands

  • Why Dunkin' decided to rebrand its foundation.
  • Dunkin's partnership with Feeding America and their effectiveness working with brands like Dunkin'.
  • Is the rebranding more than a name change? Yes! Focus moving forward are food banks and children's hospitals.
  • How Dunkin' Brands works with its franchisees to balance local initiatives with national programs.
  • How Dunkin' works with children's hospitals - and other organizations that bring "joy" to children.
  • How Dunkin' raises money for its philanthropic initiatives. There is a point-of-sale fundraiser happening right now at Dunkin' stores!
  • Joe and Christine discuss Joe's favorite Dunkin' fundraiser: Cops on the Rooftop. They've raised $2.3 million since the event's inception!
  • How Dunkin' communicates its social impact to consumers, franchisees and employees.
  • Will more companies follow Dunkin's lead and create foundations to raise and distribute money?

Show Notes

Joy in Childhood Foundation

Dunkin' Donuts Cops on the Rooftop 

Christine Riley Miller on Twitter