Ep154: A Cause Marketing Vet Dishes on Social Good at Big Agencies


Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to a true cause marketing superstar: Scott Beaudoin. Scott is a veteran of many top cause campaigns and agencies and was recently named the chief strategy officer and executive managing director of corporate and brand purpose at RF|Binder, a full-service public relations agency in New York City.

On today's show, Megan, Scott and I discuss:

Scott Beaudoin, RF|Binder

Scott Beaudoin, RF|Binder

  • How Scott got his cause marketing start with Carol Cone, but his roots were in TV reporting.
  • While Scott has worked at some larger agencies - like MSLGROUP, the fourth largest PR conglomerate in the world - his new position is with a smaller agency that prizes the central role purpose plays for every organization.
  • The business case for working with agencies focused on social good. While many agencies have touched some part of cause marketing, only a few know how to work at the c-suite and use purpose to drive business innovation.
  • How slow growth at most agencies is squeezing talent and resources and hampering social good strategy.
  • How Millennials are leading the purpose revolution.
  • Is "Cause Marketing" the right term for what purpose professionals do? Does it need to be retired?
  • Scott's advice for nonprofits who want to build win-win partnerships. The right mindset is critical!

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