Ep191: This Austin Startup Helps Homeless with "Socks for Souls"

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Ryan Harmon, CEO & Co-founder of Press Cleaners. Press is a weekly, subscription-based dry cleaning and laundry delivery service in Texas that is helping the homeless and growing its business with its Socks for Souls program.

On the show, Megan, Ryan and I discuss:

Ryan Harmon, Press Cleaners

Ryan Harmon, Press Cleaners

  • The backstory on Press Cleaners and Ryan Harmon.
  • How Socks for Souls got started. Press will even pick up donations from non-customers!
  • The impact of Socks for Souls on Press' business. "It's frictionless."
  • How Ryan's entrepreneurial journey included lots of cause ventures that made Socks for Souls a natural fit when he co-founded Press.
  • What challenges have Press encountered with Socks for Souls. 
  • Ryan's recommendations for entrepreneurs who want to add cause to their business.
  • Joe challenges Ryan's to come up with cause ideas for new startups. A cause marketing idea for a lingerie store FOR MEN???

Show Notes

Press Cleaners

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Ryan Harmon on LinkedIn

Socks for Souls

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