Newsletter: 5-Store Ice Cream Chain Raise $1 Million🍦; Back to School Cause Marketing is in Session 🎓; CVS Pledges $10 Million Via In-Store Fundraising 💵


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Partnership notes

🍦This small chain of Dairy Queen stores in Canada has raised $1 million for Children's Miracle Network. This story reminded me of an interview we did with a Texas DQ franchisee on how they raised money for causes with in-store fundraising. Lots of good insights here. Be sure to check out the DQ slide deck they presented at the National Restaurant Show that same year.  

💔Is your retail partner or prospect on this list? 10 retailers at risk of bankruptcy. Even if they aren't, cashierless tech will soon blow them up. 💥Rest in peace (or pieces).

💵Congrats to the American Cancer SocietyCVS has pledged to contribute a minimum of $10 million through in-store fundraising over the next three years.

🚌Back to school cause marketing is in full swing. Special Old Navy gear will benefit Boys & Girls Clubs and the retailer will raise $1 million at the register. Tom's of Maine will donate 10,000 "Backpacks Full of Good."

Marketing your cause 🤑

Screenshot 2018-08-07 10.41.36.png

♳ This will make Operation Warm even more appealing to corporate partners. The Green Guardian Coat will be made from recycled plastic bottles.

🛩With ten short words this airline passenger convinced a plane full of people to support her and she saved a life. The seven key things she did right that could help your cause. "She lowered the ask."

🗓Check out the quarterly newsletter that Save the Children is emailing to corporate partners and prospects and ME!

Cool jobs in cause** 😎

1. Corporate Relations & Sponsorship Director, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo  (San Antonio, TX)

2. Corporate Giving and Partnerships Manager, National Audubon Society (New York, NY)

3. Cause Marketing Relationship Manager, Sears (Hoffman Estates, IL)

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Brain food 🧠🍎

🌯Chipotle CEO: We're a purpose-driven lifestyle brand. But are they really betting the farm on an app?

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