Newsletter: 'Chick Fries' Piss Off Women 🍟; Popeye's Raises Nearly $1M for MDA 💪🏽; Kraft Bails Out Young Lawbreakers 🍋


The other day on the James Altucher Show  marketing guru Seth Godin was asked how to accomplish our work in the world. According to Seth:

Zig Ziglar used to say, "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." I just like the help other people get what they want part.

You should adopt this approach for corporate partnerships.

Just last week I was teaching my bimonthly sponsorship course for and tried to explain this to my listeners. The best sponsorship sales people, I argued, see themselves as advocates for the sponsor, not the nonprofit. They're an ombudsman for the company's interests, goals and success. Although they work for and get paid by the nonprofit, it's the sponsor that's really paying their salary. The best corporate partnership pros realize this. That's why they are fully focused on getting the company what it wants from the partnership.

Focus 100% on helping your partners reach their goals. That's it. Let me know what happens.

Partnership notes

🤭The nonprofit Operation Troop Aid is shutting down because its cause marketing program violated state charitable solicitation lawsPerlman & Perlman's Karen Wu explains how your organization can avoid a similar fate. [SPONSORED]

🍟Burger King charges women more for "Chick Fries" in a pink box to highlight how women are charged more for products than men.

💪🏽Fast food chain Popeye's raised $746,382 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association through the sale of $1 coupon cards worth $30 to be used toward free and discounted purchases visits to the chain.

🎹Automotive brand MINI is working with NYC nonprofit Sing for Hope on giving pianos to 50 schools...but not before they use them as a "traveling music boxes." Compliment this read on experiential cause marketing with this brandchannel article on the #IKEAReadingRooms project. 📚Which do you like better?

🎢That expensive theme park ticket? You might be able to pay for it with empty plastic bottles.

🗑Clever activation...

Marketing your cause 🤑

🚴‍♂️Folks, it's THE STORY that drives donations. Check out the guy from Texas that finished dead last in last month's Tour de France. Despite being seriously injured in the very first stage, he pledged to donate $100 for each stage he finished to help the outdoor velodrome in Houston (Yep, flooded) where he got his start in cycling. Other joined in. He ended up raising $243,000.

🧥You know who's publishing a nice newsletterOperation Warm. Don't be just good. Be good for something.

🎥Does your nonprofit use Facebook Live? Now pre-recorded videos can have that same real-time feel with Facebook's Watch Party.

🤓Persuasion occurs through identification. In Silicon Valley, nonprofits are attracting money from tech donors using the language and mindsets of business, and focusing on metrics, data, and effectiveness, rather than the language of altruism and ethics.

☝🏼Mobile is the FIRST screen. Some Millennials would give up a finger than their phones. But of course it was the pinky finger....

Cool jobs in cause** 😎

1. Director, Corporate Relations, United Way of Massachusetts Bay (Boston)

2. Corporate Development Specialist, USO (Fort Myer, VA)

3. Corporate Development Officer - Cause Marketing, Habitat for Humanity (Atlanta)

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Brain food 🧠🍎

🏬The trend in retail is small. Even IKEA is building smaller stores.

🍋Kraft Heinz is paying the fines for these young lawbreakers.

😲Yay! A Boston accent is voted the strongest accent in America. 😃But wait: it's not the most attractive accent??? 😞

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