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Back in January I asked what you wanted to learn more about in 2018. The #1 response was: How to measure the impact of a partnership on your nonprofit and for your corporate partner. I was really surprised that this topped the list! Still, I heard you and have a free upcoming webinar for you on this very topic!

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Join me and Catalist co-founder and CEO Brittany Hill on Wednesday, March 28th at 2pm EDT for a FREE one-hour, deep-dive discussion into data and measurement, with answers to your pressing questions around the most relevant types of data for CSR and cause professionals. We will guide participants through the data journey, from collection to translation and to action!

Top Stories

1. This week on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Marty Posch, President, Finish Line Youth Foundation, which is the nonprofit arm of athletic apparel and shoe retailer Finish Line about their work with Special Olympics. This includes a very successful checkout charity program that raised $825,000 over the holidays.

Cause Marketing

1. Soap & Glory kicked off its #MoreThanLips campaign with an activation at the Women's March - Los Angeles on Jan. 20. However, through March, for every post on social media that includes the hashtag #MoreThanLips, Soap & Glory will donate $5 to She Should Run, an organization that works to get more women running for elected office.

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2. New store and product launches are great opportunities for cause marketing. Check out this Pinterest board of 16 example of launches that included cause marketing. And don't forget that you can use cause marketing to a nonprofit fundraiser. To kick-off the launch of Marie Curie’s Great Daffodil Appeal , the charity’s biggest annual fundraiser, Hotter stores are selling a a limited edition shoe 👟with a signature Marie Curie daffodil print inspired by Marie Curie’s iconic emblem. For every pair sold, £20 will go to Marie Curie helping to fund an hour of nursing care for someone living with a terminal illness.

3. A nice article here on the success of off-price retailer Burlington. Wall Street is bullish on discount retailers like Burlington, TJX and Ross as they expect off-price sales to keep growing, mainly at the expense of department stores. Which discount retailers are on your prospect list?

4. UK brewery Brewdog 🍺learns you have to think before you go pink.


"The more it invests in its beliefs and its products, the better Patagonia performs, develops creative solutions, and maps out a blueprint for other businesses, big and small, to follow. Doing good work for the planet, creates new markets and makes [them] more money. That’s the Patagonia way." - Fast Company

1. How Patagonia grows every time it amplifies its social mission. We need more companies to adopt the 'Patagonia Way.'

2. CSR is a two-way street. Nonprofits have to do the right thing to when it comes to controversial corporate gifts. Protestors demand that museums reject Sackler philanthropy.

Cause Content

News on companies & nonprofits that are leveraging storytelling and content marketing to build an engaged & subscribable audience that can - over time - be monetized.

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1. This is why you need to take a mobile first approach for every piece of content your create. Smartphones are the only source of website visit growth in the US, with visits almost doubling (+89%) during the 3-year period. Desktop visits, by contrast, have declined by 17% within that same time period, and tablet visits by a more significant 30%. Say it with me, "Mobile is the first screen."

2. Zoos and science museums are giving species 'Amazon Reviews' on Twitter - and it's awesom! A creative, fun way to keep supporters engaged.

Help Wanted**

1. Manager, Corporate Partnership, Thompson Island Outward Bound (Boston)

2. Vice President, Strategic Sports Alliances, American Cancer Society (Atlanta)

3. Director, Special Events & Corporate Partnerships, Joe Andruzzi Foundation (Boston)

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Mental Nourishment

Resources to help you to improve or just learn something new and different

1. How men and women over the age of 50 use their smartphones. I'm curious what the breakdown is between those who use both thumbs to type or their index fingers (like I do!).

2. These 3 persuasion tricks have been working for over 2,000 years.


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