Ep256: What Works Better for Checkout Charity, Cashier or Pinpad? This Retailer's $825,000 Answer


Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Marty Posch, President, Finish Line Youth Foundation, which is the nonprofit arm of athletic apparel and shoe retailer Finish Line about their work with Special Olympics. This includes a very successful checkout charity program that raised $825,000 over the holidays.

On the show, Megan, Marty and I discuss:

Mary Posch, Finish Line Youth Foundation

Mary Posch, Finish Line Youth Foundation

  • How did the partnership between Finish Line and Special Olympics begin? 
  • Have you always raised money at the register for Special Olympics, or is that a newer component of the partnership?
  • You had a good increase in donations raised this past past holiday season. What do you attribute that to?
  • Explain how you teach employees to ask for donations, especially since customers are simultaneously getting an ask on the pinpad. 
  • Did you incentive employees and customers during the campaign?
  • How did you engage loyalty card members?
  • How does the partnership with Special Olympics benefit Finish Line's bottom line?

Show Notes

Finish Line Foundation

Marty Posch on Twitter


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