Newsletter: Hire Me to Speak at Your Next Event 🎤; Jersey Mike’s Subs Aims to Raise $6M Today 🤭; Chick-Fil-A Funds Anti-LGBTQ Orgs After It Said It Wouldn’t 🐓

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A big welcome to all of this month's new subscribers! I especially want to welcome all the new signups from Georgetown University's New Strategies Program and from Reading Partners' National Leadership Retreat. Last week, I flew coast to coast to, first, speak in Washington, D.C. at New Strategies and, second, to Oakland, California, to present at Reading Partners.

Whenever I jump on a plane and leave Boston I always hear three things from people:

1. "You talk funny." 🤪

2. "Boston sports teams %#ck!!!" 🙄

3. "Hey, that was a wicked awesome presentation!" 🙌

Can I speak at YOUR next event or retreat? 

In the coming months I'll be in Washington, D. C., Charlotte, NC, and Chicago. I would love to be part of your event, retreat or team meeting. Head over to my speaking page for more details or hit reply and tell me what you're thinking!

[BTW, because I know some of you will ask, only nonprofits funded by businesses and company foundations can participate in the New Strategies Program at Georgetown University. The program happens 4X per year: March, May, September & November. Interested? First, check out the list of corporate funders here (scroll down about halfway). Is a company on this list currently funding your organization? Good! Second, email Ernest "Chico" Rosemond at for details.]

✍️ Partnership Notes

1. To celebrate National Plant a Seed Day on March 20th, Chipotle sold a Home Grown Garden Box and donated a percentage of sales from stores in seven markets to Big Green, an organization that aims to build a healthier future for kids by connecting them to real food.

2. If a company asks you for an example of how social responsibility is paying off, tell them about Levi's.

3. Diners at the fast-casual pizza chain MOD Pizza who use the app-based rewards program can opt to donate their points to Generosity Feeds, a nonprofit that combats childhood hunger.

4. Today's the day! Jersey Mike’s Subs expects to collect more than $6 million in donations. It’s their 9th Annual Day of Giving when more than 1,500 restaurants nationwide will donate 100 percent of salesPsst...Jersey Mike franchise owners choose the charities this money goes to. The program supported 200 nonprofits last year. Do you know the Jersey Mike franchise owner in YOUR area? We interviewed Jersey Mike's on CauseTalk Radio in 2016. Listen here.

5. Four quick tips on how to find more event sponsors. I like #2 on Mission + Benefits. There are charity sponsors and marketing sponsors. Most sponsor are a combination of the two. Want to learn more? I'll explain Thursday in my Sponsorship 101 webinar with

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🤑 Marketing Your Cause

1. The social media site Tik-Tok is gaining traction and looks like a great site to reach Millennials and Gen Z. Who's using it?

2. I highly recommend email marketing, but don't limit yourself to just text! Here are 21 creative email ideas for people who don’t like to write or want to move beyond text.

3. Speaking of email marketing, Facebook wants WhatsApp and Messenger to become the new e-mail. Nonprofits, don't fall for this.

😎 Cool Jobs in Cause Marketing**

1. Specialist, New Partnerships, Feeding America (Chicago)

2. Corporate Giving Officer, National Military Family Association (Alexandria, VA)

3. Social Impact Consultant, CauseConsulting (Boston, MA)

**Have your cause-related job featured here for FREE. Hit reply to this email and give me the details and a link.

🧠🍌 Brain Food

1. Chick-Fil-A continues to fund anti-LGBTQ groups after vowing to stop.

2. Three online fundraising metrics that every nonprofit needs to track.

3. How a Vermont social network became a model for online communities.

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