Ep142: Is It Time for Movember to Move Beyond the Stache?

movember podcast

Today on CauseTalk Radio Megan and I pilot a new format for the show.

While we still plan to regularly interview cause leaders on the show, occasionally we want to experiment with just talking about what's happening in the incredible world of cause! We'll use the show to review some of the latest campaigns, promotions and posts from the social good space.

We welcome your feedback on this new format!

On today's show we discuss:

1. Two announcements! First, it's never too early to start thinking about attending the Cause Marketing Forum Conference in 2016. Second, submit your wicked awesome cause marketing campaign for the 2016 Halo Awards, which will be presented at the CMF conference in May 2016.

2.  Giving Tuesday. Megan and I discuss some of the great resources available for Giving Tuesday from Network for Good, Hubspot, Causecast, For Momentum and yours truly (including this Giving Tuesday Pinterest board). We also discuss the Better Business Bureau's tips for giving wisely on December 1st.

3. REI's Opt Outside. REI is canceling Black Friday and sending its employees - and customers - outside for the day. Is this a wise, purpose-driven business decision or just, well, marketing??

4. Is Movember Dying? Megan and I discuss the Movember campaigns we've seen so far this month - including this one from Maytag. But is Movember more about marketing than raising money? Is it time to move beyond the stache? Whitney Dailey at Cone Inc. offers her perspective on Millennials and Movember in this article. Also, while Megan disagrees, I think Pinktober needs to fade to black.

Finally, I share a very deep, deep insight about the tree of social good - and cause marketing's place on it. Megan is both moved....and mortified!