Ep215: Why Your Cause Should be Active on Instagram

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Jeremy McGilvrey, an entrepreneur, author and trainer who's amassed a massive audience on Instagram. Jeremy is here to share his advice on how causes can use the Internet's hottest property to recruit and engage supporters and to raise money. 

On the show, Megan, Jeremy and I discuss:

Jeremy McGilvrey

Jeremy McGilvrey

  • The business case for being on Instagram. Jeremy's own journey.
  • What exactly is an "influencer" on Instagram, and why you should tap into them.
  • The positive vibe on Instagram that aligns well with causes.
  • Instagram best practices for brands.
  • How to use Instagram hashtags effectively.
  • How to collect email addresses with Instagram.
  • Top causes to follow on Instagram.
  • How underutilized Instagram is by causes.

Show Notes

Jeremy on Instagram

Elevate Your Mindset

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