Ep112: How to Get a Job in Cause Marketing

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Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Alison DaSilva, Executive Vice President, Cone Communications about how to start a career in cause marketing.

Alison DaSilva, Cone Communications

Alison DaSilva, Cone Communications

Alison, Megan and I get calls and emails every week from people who want a job in cause marketing. Most of them are recent college graduates, or might already be already working in fundraising, marketing, advertising or public relations.

What they all share is a desire to work at the intersection of philanthropy, marketing and business.

On today's show we discuss:

  • Alison's journey to a career in cause marketing from college to the nonprofit world to a 17-year career at one of the top cause marketing agencies in the country.
  • What's the best academic and professional background for recent college graduates and career-changers.  
  • Why internships are the key to breaking into the field. 
  • Why cause marketing careers in the nonprofit world are made not born. 
  • Why every cause marketer needs to be a salesperson.
  • The difference between doing cause marketing for a nonprofit, a business or an agency - and why Alison thinks the latter may be the best.
  • How Cone Communications on-boards new employees.

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