Ep148: Brian Reich on the Power of Emoji Cause Marketing

refugee emojis

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Brian Reich, Director of Project Hive, the UN Refugee Agency’s innovation lab, about a new engagement campaign called Refugee Emojis

The goal of Refugee Emojis is to spark discussion among Americans around the daily struggles faced by refugees – while also establishing a fun and common language for people of all countries to connect around the needs of refugees.

On the show, Megan, Brian and I discuss:

Brian Reich, Hive

Brian Reich, Hive

  • How Brian, a longtime cause consultant and author of two books, got involved with Hive.
  • How Brian created a fast-moving, responsive team to battle American perceptions on refugees.
  • Why Hive isn't interested in traditional metrics like "awareness." They are driving engagement and donations to the issue and having a real impact. 
  • Hive's most recent campaigns involved Major League Baseball and the Pope's visit to the United States. The goal is to bring the refugee issue to people where they are
  • The goal behind Refugee Emojis: to give people a timely, fun and popular language to discuss refugee issues. 
  • How companies are supporting the global refugee crisis and how they might support Refugee Emojis.
  • What Hive will be focusing on in 2016.

Show Notes

Project Hive

WWF's #EndangeredEmojis

Brian Reich on Twitter