Ep224: How Children's Miracle Network Raises 70% of its Revenues from Retailers

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Clark Sweat, Chief Revenue Officer at Children's Miracle Network (CMN), about CMN's incredible success with checkout charity. 

On the show, Megan, Clark and I discuss:

Clark Sweat, Children's Miracle Network

Clark Sweat, Children's Miracle Network

  • CMN's continued success with checkout charity. The average tenure of a CMN partner is 20 years!
  • How CMN keeps its checkout charity programs fresh and raising lots and lots of money.
  • The future of checkout charity and fundraising for CMN.
  • The struggles of big box retailers and how that will impact fundraising.
  • The challenge of working with businesses with many different kinds of POS systems.
  • Will beacon technology ever play a major role in retail checkout charity.
  • New technology and messaging CMN is testing.
  • The challenge of checkout charity with etailers.
  • How CMN is cross-promoting charity checkout partners at events, like at its dance marathon program.

Show Notes

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