Ep223: How b.good is Building a Business Full of Social Good

Today on CauseTalk Radio, Megan and I talk to Jon Olinto, co-founder of b.good, a Boston-based all-natural burger and food chain of farm-to-table burgers and fries joints with 54 locations up and down the east coast, about how his b.good leverages every aspect of its business to support the local community.

Jon Olinto, b.good

Jon Olinto, b.good

On the show, Megan, Jon and I discuss:

  • How b.good got started and how social good was mixed in right from the beginning.
  • How b.good is sharing its mission of health and sustainability with its customers.
  • How b.good invested in a farm off the coast of Boston to feed its mission and expand their work with at-risk youths.
  • What b.good has learned through the years about involving customers in their social good experiments. Mobile has played a key role!
  • How b.good balances talking about its food with sharing its philanthropic message when customers are in the restaurants.
  • The work of the b.good foundation and the challenge of making money and giving it away.

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