Introducing CauseTalk Radio

I'm really excited to present the first episode of CauseTalk Radio. You can stay up to date on all things cause marketing and corporate-nonprofit partnerships, including trends, tactics and need-to-know news in this new weekly podcast. Join Megan Strand of the Engage For Good and me in this lively, informative weekly podcast!

Thanks to for producing the show and Noland Hoshino of BCause Media for logo artwork.

Show Blurb: What Facebook Timeline for cause marketers might look like once this new feature is released later this month. Cause marketing best practices on Facebook, looming obstacles and a few special examples of Facebook Valentine’s cause marketing campaigns.

Show Description: Facebook will roll out Timeline for brands at the end of the month. Joe, Megan and John discuss how this could potentially be used for sharing cause marketing stories even more effectively in this medium.  ‘Like for donation’ campaigns are popular but also a dime a dozen.  How nonprofits have upped the ante when it comes to Facebook voting contests.  Two Facebook Valetine’s Day cause marketing promotions and how online translates to offline engagement.  Companies and causes tend to be commitment shy in this medium and why that should change.  Also, how to keep updated on all things Facebook and why you should want to.  Plus how you could win a copy of Facebook Marketing for Dummies by our own John Haydon.

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