The Selfish Giver: Missile Freeze

PintHanging out with friends is a great place for banter, gossip and ripping the boss.

But the moment's never right to talk about what's really on your mind: reducing our country's massive nuclear arsenal so we can fund programs for children, like universal health coverage.

Thaw relations with a pint of Ben & Jerry's new American Pie ice cream. A mixture of apples and pie crust pieces, the lids on every pint carry conversation-starters about shifting federal spending from nuclear missiles to children's programs.

Your friends will shiver when they hear that our nuclear stockpile is a whopping 10,000 warheads, a destructive force equal to 150,000 Hiroshima bombs. And who doesn't want to be quizzed on where the United States ranks in providing health insurance to kids. (Answer: Last. Be sure to add, "Thank God for free-care providers like Boston Medical Center").

Fascinate your friends and unite them in turning missiles into HMO's.

Ben & Jerry's American Pie is available locally at Stop & Shop, Shaw's Supermarkets, CVS and other stores in your area.