What Should People Know 'About' Cause Marketing & Me?

Since reading Chris Brogan's Social Media 101 I've been thinking about adding an "About" page to my blog. Chris thinks having an extended bio is pretty important. I know from reading his that he puts his About Page to good use, especially by highlighting all his disclosures.

My current bio is the brief one you see on the sidebar. One of links goes to my LinkedIn profile. It has all the basics, but it doesn't give any qualitative information about me, my blog or how to get started if you're a new visitor.

So what do you think of my new About page? Does it add something to my blog that's useful to readers, especially new visitors? What else would you add?

I actually asked these questions over the weekend over at Quora and got a few good answers. Check them out. You can learn more here about how I'm using Quora for cause marketing.