Heroes with A Heart Grant Recognizes Unsung Nonprofit Heroes

If you're like most people, you get most of your inspiration from people who are quietly changing the world each and every day. They're not on the front page of the newspaper, and they're not mingling with the Gates and Buffets of the world. They're everyday people like you and me who have shown extraordinary commitment to making this world better than when they found it.

The CTK Foundation "Heroes with a Heart" Grant Award asks YOU to nominate a “Hero with a Heart,” and give them a chance to win $5,000 - a simple thanks for the hard work that they do.

What are the details of the "Heroes with a Heart" Grant?

Here’s an overview of awards the CTK Foundation will offer and details on how you can nominate your Hero:

Go to www.communitytech.net/foundation to nominate your Hero with a Heart today!

Good luck, Heroes!