Getting Attention


With every program the cause and event marketing team launches we brainstorm on ways to generate buzz.

For the BMC South End Shop Walk it was the rose giveaway.  Nice idea, but it didn't really recruit any additional walkers.

For our Boston Marathon team we tried to get a well known furniture store to outfit our cheering sections with sofas and recliners, but in the end it didn't happen.

For Halloween Town last year we worked with Citizens Bank to give away donated Halloween costumes from iParty to needy kids at various organizations.  This year, Finagle a Bagel will be selling a special orange Halloween Town bagel, which should generate some buzz.

For a mobile program we did with Ocean State Job Lots last year, I suggested they sell Elvis shaped mobiles at the register and have an impersonator visit select stores.  They balked, but the program still raised $110,000.

For a dodgeball tournament we're still considering we wanted to send the top 100 companies in Boston a dodgeball and on the box print "YOU ARE THE TARGET".  I'm sure that would have gotten people's attention, including the bomb squad!

Click on the images above and see some of the attention-getting ploys I've seen lately.  No, the lipstick on the cup isn't real.  (But it would certainly get my attention!).