Countdown to Halloween Town: Zipcar Hands Out a Treat

We were all nine years old once, and still remember that the month of October means Halloween. That's it. October served no other purpose in our nine-year-old minds other than dragging our parents around town dressed as a Ninja Turtle or Strawberry Shortcake (in exchange for mountains of candy, of course.) Today's young tricksters have something else to look forward to in October - Boston Medical Center's Halloween Town - two days of family-fun activities, trick-or-treating, games and giveaways at the Seaport World Trade Center on October 25 and 26. All the proceeds go to benefit the BMC's Kids Fund, so it's fun for a good cause.

And now you have the opportunity to make an even bigger difference-by clicking here and donating $5, you can sponsor a ticket for an underprivileged Boston area child to attend Halloween Town, who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to go. And to reward your generosity, we'll give you $10 in driving credit so everyone wins!