Charity Starts at Home for PA Senator

The Washington Post reported earlier this month that Pennsylvania Senator Rick Sanatorum used his charity to help others--and himself.  Sanatorum launched "Operation Good Neighbor" after the 2000 Republican National Convention to ensure Philadelphia wasn't left with just "a bunch of garbage". 

But since then, only 40% of the money distributed by OGN went to charity.  Where did the rest go?  Fundraising expenses ate 37% while almost $300,000 went to fees and salaries for campaign fundraisers.

Sanatorum isn't alone, 48 members of Congress are connected with charitiable foundations.  Politicians exchanging influence and access for donations to their favorite causes isn't surprising--or reprehensible.  What is is their funneling of some of this money to an even dearer cause: themselves.  If it's true that one man's garbage is another man's treasure, I guess Sanatorum struck gold. 

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