Why Every Cause Marketer Should Buy Facebook Marketing for Dummies

I'm really proud of my buddy, John Haydon. He just published his first book, Facebook Marketing for Dummies. I can't think of a person more capable of writing this title for Wiley Publishing than John. He has incredible knowledge of Facebook marketing. I'm lucky because I don't need this book as much you do. I have John. He and I have been friends since we met on Twitter in 2008. If I have a question about Facebook, I just call him.

Now you can too by buying this helpful book, which shares all the things John would tell me about Facebook marketing (minus all the swear words and talk about how skinny and hairy he is compared to how fat and bald I am).

Combined with John's amazing blog, the book gives you one stop shopping for Facebook marketing advice. And all for sixteen bucks!

From a cause marketing perspective, this book is an important addition to the tool chest. Facebook is by far the most dominant social media platform for cause marketing. In a post I wrote for ForMomentum.com for Valentine's Day, which will be live today or tomorrow, two of the three programs I featured were Facebook like promotions.

But as we're all learning from John, successful cause marketing on Facebook is more than just getting likes. He'll show you how to travel the long road to Facebook success: engagement.

Besides being a super guy, something I wish all of you could experience for yourself because I've never had more fun or laughed so hard or learned so much than when I'm hanging with John, he's truly the "Facebook Guy."