Three More Ways to Raise Money with QR Codes

I started this post over at the Inspiring Generosity blog at Here are three more ways to raise money with QR Codes. That brings the total to seven! 1. QR Code links to a coupon or offer that triggers a donation. After scanning the QR Code, the user gets a mobile coupon or an offer that when redeemed triggers a donation from the business.

Advantage: This is a great way for business to track consumer response to a campaign. Consumers are rewarded for participating.

Disadvantage: The consumer has to perform multiple steps to trigger a donation, which usually means fewer dollars will be raised.

Real World Example: launched to help consumers provide meals to children using coupons. Working with Feeding America, donated one meal for every three coupons used.


2. QR Code links to a contest site that rewards nonprofits that get the most votes. After scanning the QR Code, the user votes for the nonprofit project she wants the company to support.

Advantage: The consumer plays an active and important role in choosing a nonprofit that deserves support.

Disadvantage: The investment needed to create a mobile voting site may be beyond the means of most small businesses and nonprofits.

Real World Example: Sonic's Limeades for Learning to benefit featured a QR Code on cups that led users to a mobile site where they could submit and vote for their favorite school project across the country. Sonic then donated $100,000 on a weekly basis to the most-voted projects.

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3. QR Code for mobile payments allows you to donate to causes within the app. Mobile payment app LevelUp lets users turn savings they’ve earned into donations for causes.

Advantage: An easy way to support a cause.

Disadvantage: You can only earn savings points when you use the app at businesses with a LevelUp terminal.

Real World Example: LevelUp lets you choose the percentage of savings and the charity that will receive the donation.