Wrap-Up: Philanthropy Midwest Conference

midwest conf
midwest conf

Thanks to everyone who came out to my workshop at the Philanthropy Midwest Conference yesterday. As promised, here are my slides and some links to some key posts that will enhance your learning.

My Presentation: Cause Marketing 101

What is Cause Marketing?

A Primer on Pinups

The Power of Free (and why you should give away your cause marketing)

I talked a lot about Ocean State Job Lot and iParty. I thought you might enjoy reading about them. Remember, focus on small and mid-size businesses in your area.

Lots of great examples of purchase and action triggered donations in my latest post on "pinktober" promotions. Here's a recent example of action-triggered cause marketing for Halloween!

Here's the link to that great program by the Ellie Fund, which I discussed in my section on "Shopping Days."

Cause marketing with Facebook Likes.

How to use Prospecting Circles to recruit partners.